Psychotherapy for Couples

Many couples aren’t aware of what exactly couples psychotherapy implies: they aren’t sure what to make of it, they wonder if the psychotherapist has certain expectations of them, they’re afraid to say things which could deteriorate their relationship even more, or they see couples therapy as a clear sign of a relationship’s end.

Being a couple is one of the closest and most complex relationships that one can have. Due to its intensity and implications, it can be a source of happiness, intimacy, and fulfillment, but it can also just as well be a source of disappointment, suffering, and lack of confidence.

To begin with, my role as a couples therapist is of helping you and your partner to earn the necessary abilities for becoming aware of, for exploring, and for growing the level of friendship, intimacy, and confidence in the relationship. At the same time, you’ll learn together how to manage conflicts, how to resolve day to day problems as well as those which appear to systematically repeat themselves as though they were scripted in advance. On the other hand, you’ll also learn how to rediscover the things through which you’ve bonded as a couple, as well as the positive aspects of the relationship which have been obscured from sight due to emotional suffering and the inertia it produces.

The beginning fazes of our collaboration will be dedicated to the evaluation of the different aspects of the relationship so that I can obtain a clear and rigorous understanding of the problems with which you’re confronting and of your evident and latent resources. In some cases, it’ll be necessary to establish some sessions of individual therapy as well, in order to obtain an understanding of each person’s personal history, as well as to give each of you the chance to share one’s own thoughts and personal experiences.

The duration and frequency of our collaboration will be established on the basis of your specific needs. Throughout the course of the therapy’s sessions you’ll be encouraged to come with any questions or concerns, as well as your opinions regarding the therapy’s evolution. As your relationship will continue to see improvements, the frequency of the sessions will begin to decrease.

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