Psychotherapy and its Benefits

Discoveries in neuroscience have already shown that there are a number of neuronal connections which are associated with every emotional state: sadness, happiness, anger, fear, curiosity, anxiety, etc. We also know thanks to neuroscience that the brain undergoes change, dependent on the specific nature of social interactions and the emotional environment in which they take place. Many scientific studies show that psychotherapy can produce changes just as significant as psychiatric medicine, only that, through psychotherapy, the medication’s side-effects are avoided, these changes persist even after the conclusion of the therapy, they’re more profound and more conscious, and they don’t depend on anything other than you!

Through psychotherapy and the utilization of different psychotherapeutic techniques, you’ll be helped to change and hold on to certain emotional states, and through this conditioned learning your brain will transform – it’ll make new connections which will favor positive emotional states and disfavor the negative ones. The more you’ll make use of certain neuronal connections, the more your experiences and states of being that correspond to these connections will become more automatic and accessible.

On one hand, there are techniques which will stimulate the conscious and rational side of your brain, techniques which will help you to cultivate patience, to train impulsiveness, to develop your memory, to be more attentive, more empathic, or more efficient in resolving problems. On the other hand, there are also techniques which will help you gain better access to your subconscious mind. With the help of relaxation or hypnosis, your brain will have the chance to bring to the surface, process, and integrate important memories and past experiences that, even without your conscious awareness, nevertheless influence your day to day life, the relationships you have with those around you, the relationship you have with yourself, the decisions you make, as well as your most profound experiences.

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