My Approach to Therapy

Psychotherapy is a process of learning and discovery which helps us to heal our emotional wounds.

As a psychologist I want to guide and encourage you while creating an environment in which your story is welcome – an environment in which you won’t feel judged.

My psychotherapeutic approach is based on empathy, authenticity, and focus on the issues you’re seeking help with.

We’ll create an alliance through which we’ll search together for the best solutions after identifying the therapeutic objectives.

I’ll help you find alternative methods of thinking about an issue so that you’ll have a better ability of choosing what’s best for you.

I’ll also help you identify the aspects of a problem which you can directly influence, as these will offer you the best opportunities for change, and we’ll work with them the most. In life, we’re involved with some situations which remain independent of our realm of influence, such that, even if they influence us, we cannot do too much to change them. I’ll help so you can face these kinds of situations without feeling blocked, sad, or afraid.

Of course, our work together will mostly center on the situations in life that can be changed, and, as a result of the changes that you’ll make, the quality of your emotional experience will improve, you’ll feel more in control of yourself, you’ll succeed in fulfilling your goals, and you’ll learn new ways of managing your resources.

For parents with children struggling with emotional or behavioral problems, I offer parental training and psychotherapy for kids and adolescents.

Together we’ll formulate realistic therapeutic objectives, such as:

  • Reduction of negative thinking with the purpose of easier access to your passions, the things which bring you pleasure and which help you with your personal growth
  • Assertiveness training: Learning how to express your needs and points of view
  • Learning new strategies for educating kids struggling with difficulties
  • Reduction of day-to-day stress
  • Resolving problems with anxiety
  • Stabilizing therapeutic objectives and the necessary steps to follow for fulfilling them
  • Improvement of couples relationships
  • Improvement of memory, the ability to learn, and performance at work
  • Assuming control over one’s own emotions and behavior
  • Resolution of sources of frustration
  • Learning diverse methods of relaxation

It’s possible that in the past you’ve tried to formulate objectives and hold onto pursuing them. Difficult life experiences and trauma can present many roadblocks on the road to success. I want to help you reach your goals and have a happier, more fulfilling life, better and healthier thoughts, and a bigger appetite for life.

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